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Please excuse us as we create a NEW and more personalized landing page under a NEW name.

This is a consolidated online presence for this creative output, presented elsewhere under:

G. Jawaria Robinson


G. Jawaria



Primate Jawaria

This range of visual art and photography, interior and architectural design, and editorial and literary observations has also been separately contextualized and presented within the following linked sites:

:: Blue Circle Press ::

Featuring Our First Book of Thoughts on the Nature of Life and Existence

:: Kato-Jawaria Art ::

<<Formerly as "Privat & Primat">>

Photo-montage Originals Created & Exhibited in Partnership

Follow this link for Kato-Jawaria Art on INSTAGRAM 


Follow this Link for Jawaria "Dailies" on INSTAGRAM

:: GreenStoneViews ::

<<Formerly as "Temple 4 Photo-Visual">>

A  Chronicle of Our Photographic Adventures Around the Globe

G|R City-Life Interiors

[This interior/architectural design site has been temporarily retired.]

Please view our profile page on the ASID website HERE

:: Secular Workship ::

On Reasons and Ways to Look Past Ego and Engage with the Infinite

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