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DIY Enlightenment



When conscious urges are allowed to rest, self dissolves into 'energized wisdom.' Therefore, be, for a while, silent and still. Take note of the thoughts that arrive with quietude. Strengthen the correspondence between your thoughts and your experiences and learn to trust your actual experiences.



There are four tasks related to self correction:


  • Add to your life those qualities, skills and areas of knowledge that may be missing or desired.


  • Subtract from your life harmful qualities, people and habits as well as pointless or foolish activities.


  • Maintain inspiring influences, mutually positive relationships, and the efforts to good character that already

       inform your actions.


  • Avoid and decline opportunities for error, harm, unnecessary risk, selfishness and negativity of spirit.




The value that we place on the amazing condition of being conscious entities within the framework of a vast
existence, with the ability to develop enlightened awareness regarding the intrinsic dignity that all beings
possess, is reflected by how we choose to interact with people and things in our immediate surroundings. The
most advanced spiritual rituals, practices or dogma pale in value beside the simplest acts of kindness.
Arguably, we illustrate deep and literal wisdom when we strive to embody virtues such as these:

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