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“I will walk a while with you as you find your own way.

Tech Watch

This is TIME and OBJECTIVE at and, a service created to help our clients recognize and effectively address the components of what may be mentally-draining personal endeavors, or sought-after improvements to ongoing situations. Specific issues will vary from one person to the next, as each of us exists in variance to each other. Hence, the logical result, devoid of any pejorative significance, is that individuals with noteworthy proficiency in a given skill-set, will often view another area of endeavor as a confusing array of 'moving parts' and bewildering aspects.


It is important to note that we are neither "counselors" nor “advisors” in the clinical sense. Instead, we act in the capacity of 'mentor & ally' for brief yet meaningful periods of planning and decision. Therefore, and by necessity, we make every effort to limit our focus to matters that we believe fall within our arena of experiential, researched and/or aesthetic confidence. These may be simple or complex--aesthetic, systemic or procedural. 




Project Objective: To assist a professional consultant to restore stability in the infrastructure of their daily life after a series of “life disruptive” events.

Category: Undertakings of Subjective Value

TAO Methodology Implemented: Re-establishment of orderly systems for keeping abreast of business income and both business and personal outflows, using personalized spreadsheets and tailored strategies as a gateway to energizing fundamental self-confidence in overall life choices.

"Gerald's work has been both life changing and completely course-altering for me. While these terms may seem to be our society's usual parlance, I mean them in the most literal manner possible. Over the past ten weeks, I have morphed from a frozen, disorganized financial coward into a thriving, shrewd, critical thinker who is gaining mastery over all her affairs. Initially, I was petrified to even voice the nature of the situation, but Gerald's brilliant, kind, gentle words, and thoughtful, caring attitude supported me as I tackled the nuts-and-bolts of what had to be accomplished.


"His) services included financial planning and life strategizing (coaching) by means of discussion, budgeting toolkits, spreadsheets, and well-planned discussions with 'homework.'


"Wisest investment I ever made. Period"

--Revolution in NYC--


Project Objective: Guidance for maximizing undiscovered potentials within the social space of a custom-built family-centered home.

Category: Interior Life and Lifestyle Coordination/Interior Design

TAO Format Development: Rearrangement of seating to take full advantage of sightlines to points of intermittent focus, reorientation of pieces to offer the calmative possibilities obtained from enhanced interaction with adjacent garden greenspace; advice for unifying existing décor. First, by identifying those items of innate value that continued to charm by their comforting familiarity, then making informed recommendations regarding complementary additions that could offer increased elegance with functionality and purpose.

"The layout of the living room was bad and I was having trouble keeping things tidy. So we consulted with 'Gerry-san,' and after carefully checking the floor plan and the size  of the existing furniture, he suggested moving the sofa and arranging the storage furniture. He also visited several recommended furniture stores (to discuss) what furniture to place. 

"During that time, I found an antique store that I had never chosen before, and after spending about a year carefully deciding, I was able to select furniture that I was satisfied with.

"Furniture is expensive and once you buy it, it is difficult to part with it, so even when it came time to buy it, I was worried about whether it was really good or not, but thanks to Gerry-san's inspection and approval, I was able to shop with confidence.

"The furnitue we had was mainly Italian, but by mixing it with antiques, the room became much more sophisticated.

"I think this is professional advice."

"Zephyr," Japan

(translated from original text by Google Translate)


Project Objective: Create a final farewell gathering, centered on "life affirmation and gratitude," in a socially and 'spiritually inclusive' setting to honor a beloved former teacher and community elder.

Category: Alternative Formats for Universal Life Events

TAO Conceptualization: Envisioning a joy-filled, non-denominational, memorial service as an alternative (and cost efficient) format to a more conventional and somber church service.

“I  found T&O/TAO to be so vital and helpful as I prepared for my mother’s memorial service. I reached out to them (for suggestions so that) everything was put in place in such an organized way. They recommended the number of guests and speakers I should use for this event. They also suggested the type of food we should serve and a musical interlude we should have. They were also available to answer my many questions. My mother’s celebration of life was successful in every way.”

DLC, New York


The personalized service range that TIME and OBJECTIVE a/k/a "TAO" is able to offer, is based on the experience, formal as well as self-acquired knowlege bases,  and, in the case of "residential life & lifestyle" matters, professional training and work history in interior design and the construction management field of its Coordinator for Personal Projects, Gerald Jawaria Robinson. These services are delivered directly to our clients by live, online interaction with Mr. Robinson from his 8-WALLS CONCEPT LAB, which is the nexus of a cluster of lifestyle, interior and artistic offerings. Their associated homepages reflect, with concrete examples, his accomplishments as a philosophical author, an American Society of Interior Design Allied Member in good standing, a visual artist whose work has been exhibited in New York City and Tokyo, an active resident of both those cities, and a traveler/ photographic explorer who has spent time on all six of the inhabited continents. Mr. Robinson also devoted more than five years as primary caregiver to his "mom" in her declining years, during which time he was tasked with making many tough choices, but also was blessed with many opportunities to enjoy their renewed 'mother and son' time together.


At a point of comfortable maturity, Mr. Robinson takes satisfaction from being able to translate his past struggles, intemittent defeats, and ultimate triumphs into helpful or creative formats that can be shared with others. Click HERE for a listing of links.



We offer several approaches to project scheduling and fee structure of which the "standard package" for a full project cycle would be a subscription of 10 live, online sessions of approximately 1-hour per project week. Of course, many small--but no less pertinent--issues can be addressed in one or two sessions of varying length. Hence, each situation is separately considered.


You may forward a brief summary of your particular challenge or objective, preferably with some indication of its urgency. If thought to be within our scope, time constraints and necessry fee range, we will return a detailed proposal for action.

Perhaps we can help unravel the knots in YOUR situation. Inquire here.

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