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10 Hallmarks of Truth


Truth does not hide; neither does it call attention to itself. It cannot because it is not, itself, conscious. We who can think are the conscious minds of existence.



Truth is a real, if dormant potential until a conscious mind apprehends it. It only manifests “life” when it is embodied within the actions of living beings.



Truth may be absent in the charismatic leader, for it just as well may be the charm of a deluded ego. What enlightened man would deem self-adulation as appropriate behavior for those that they would guide instead toward Truth? More devious still is the one who, possessed of a thirst for power, relies on the number and geographic range of his followers to operate with strength in opposition to his adversaries.  



Truth is not dependent upon social endorsement. It is not found in the comfort inspired by the company of fellow travelers or by a shared message and a common purpose that rewards adherence with inclusion.



Truth is impartial, consistent and universally applicable.



Truth is not expressed by the ability to recite superficial doctrine; nor is it coerced by the veneration of ancient texts.



Truth is not dependent on intellectual endorsement but intellect is satisfied by the completeness of Truth. Where intellect is insulted Truth does not dwell.



Truth is not enhanced by loyalty to a culture, religion, leader or family.



Truth can hide in simplicity, which only highlights its internal elegance.



Truth cannot be intimidated. It is unafraid of threats or condemnation but, rather, will willingly stand up to examination, questions, logic and ridicule. 

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