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Effective Tools for Personal Transformation



When conscious urges are allowed to rest, self consciousness dissolves into 'energized wisdom.' Therefore, make it a practice to be, at frequent intervals, silent and still.


Take note of the thoughts that accompany purposeful quietude. Develop fearless resolve by becoming one who anticipates positive ultimate outcomes as the compensation for life's inevitable obstacles and sorrowful passages.


Understand that you are not merely in this universe, you are of it as well.  Discern any contrasts between both the quality and the timing of moment-to-moment experiences when you can pause your doubts and worries for any period(s) of time.


When you "step outside" of your "personal drama," and briefly set aside your mundane daily identity, your mind can connect directly to the the creative energy from which future moments are manifested.




There are four tasks related to self correction:


  • Add to your life those qualities, skills and areas of knowledge that may be missing or desired.


  • Subtract from your life harmful qualities, people and habits as well as pointless or foolish activities.


  • Maintain inspiring influences, mutually positive relationships, and the efforts to good character that already

       inform your actions.


  • Avoid and decline opportunities for error, harm, unnecessary risk, selfishness and negativity of spirit.





ENLIGHTENMENT indicates a mind that has freed itself from fear and ignorance. We demonstrate it by the actions which flow therefrom:

<<Adhere to Truth>>.

There are periods when the strength of abominable powers  outweighs forces of fairness and decency. Good does not always triumph over evil. Nevertheless, the extent to which ‘good’ or ‘evil’ succeed will ultimately be reflections of their correspondence to TRUTH, as when depraved indifference to life lays waste to the earth and its resources, but TRUTH predicts that the consequence can only be collective destruction.

The indestructible, immutable basis for TRUTH is impervious to opinion and eventually exposes all errors.

<<Insist Upon Justice That Is Universal>>


  • Life is not unfair. Life is indifferent. People are unfair.The bad actor wins if allowed to win, either by application of selective justice within society or its reliance on faulty standards of fair and unfair. Even when pursued for self-serving ends, justice rains benefit upon society as a whole. To wit:

  • Economic Justice inspires collective contribution and suppresses the impulse toward crimes of desperation.  

  • Political Justice engages all voices to fix mutual concerns above narrow sub-cultural obsessions.

  • Judicial Justice that guarantees equality without as a principal running counter to duplicity. This fosters safety in the land by diminishing fear and exploitation, both of which lead to calamitous violence.

  • Educational Justice harness the intellects that arise in every social sector and benefit any astute receiver.

  • Environmental Justice prolongs continuity of the unified biosphere, the benefits of which should be too obvious to require further explication.

  • Gender Justice recognizes the right to internal authenticity that precludes hegemony over the body autonomy of ostensibly “free” individuals, and includes freedom from patriarchy and freedom from religion.

  • Mutuality of Justice to encompass the notion of granting to others the rights and privileges on an equal level as we claim for ourselves.


<<Scorn Spiritual Reliance on Imaginary Beings>>


  • There is irrelevant grandeur in churches and palaces, though they gleam with stolen gold, unless they are centers of Truth, Justice and Compassionate Action.

  • There is meaningless foppery in sashes, medals, or the  elaborate headwear of officials who fail to serve, There is wasted devotion in fairytale ‘scriptures,’ no matter their antiquity, when in substance, they persist barely fit for toddlers.

  • Do not expect rescue to result from supplication to imaginary entities of imaginary potency as these, being non-existent, could never be sources of protection. Honest appraisal will prove that the track record of such action has never been dependable, leaving us to justify the inconsistency with notions of faith.  If we are to be saved, individually and collectively, we must save ourselves.

  • Release the exponential powers of respect and kindness in recognition that suffering is suffering for all who suffer, and alleviation of suffering is the highest demonstration of civilized humanity.

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