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"The change that we make is the change we receive;

overlooking that fact, it is us we deceive."



Let each sentient mind experience its personal 'being' from its own unique viewpoint as its own cosmic center.

Let us practice RELIGION solely for our appreciation so that we may achieve from this "art-form" the dual inculcation of humble strength, and transcendent wisdom. 

Let our religions take creatively personal forms within the framework of universal truth and let them be free from fear or manipulation by others in service of social . political or cultural agendas.

Let SANITY & HUMANITY inform our effects, our strategies and our actions so that we may be 'merciful gods' unto others by using our creative powers for their enhanced well-being and they for ours.

Let STILLNESS be our communion and SILENCE our creed so that each of us might escape, from time-to-time, the distraction of his or her own thoughts and, in any number, we might do so as collective secular 'prayer.'

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